Lolly Platters

Posted on July 01, 2015 by Kim Archer | 0 comments

What to bring when you're told not to bring a thing?

A lolly platter from Sweet Traditions, that's what!


I'm pretty lucky to have a lolly shop at my disposal and recently whipped up a lolly platter to take along to a family get together the other weekend. I used a ceramic platter I had on hand plus a matching small bowl for the centre to add extra space for lollies.

I wanted a mix of lollies and chocolates in different colours for a festive look and also wanted to make sure I included some of my family's favourites (think toffee bon bons and coconut rough!)

So, what's in my lolly platter?

  • Blue raspberry bon bons
  • Toffee bon bons
  • Pink Lady wrapped Christmas Puddings chocolates
  • Hershey Kisses
  • UK Quality Street wrapped chocolates
  • Coconut rough
  • Pink Lady milk chocolate turkish delight
  • Pink Lady dark chocolate turkish delight
  • Pink Lady milk chocolate raspberry jellies.
  • Pink Lady milk chocolate bullets
  • UK Mars Bars - cut into smaller pieces.

Pink Lady chocolate have been crafted in Melbourne since 1938 and are one of our biggest sellers in store. In a word, Pink Lady chocolate is DELICIOUS. We have a whole range of Pink Lady chocolates in the shop and we all have our favourites in our family.. mine is certainly the coconut rough and the milk chocolate macadamias!

I also made some cute little chalkboard flags to label each of the chocolates. They were easy to do using some Silhouette chalkboard vinyl  cut to size to form the flag, some toothpicks and a white Posca pen.

and then it was all systems go! The platter was a huge hit! I made it quite extensive using lots of fine chocolates and bon bons.. but you could mix it up a lot by creating platters in different colours, themes and with more lollies then chocolates to suit all sorts of occasions!

Check out our LOLLY PLATTER page for more details on how you can grab your own party platter from us! Click right here...




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