We’re an Aussie family business selling snacks, drinks, groceries & lollies from the UK, the USA, NZ and Australia.

Based in The Junction, a beachside suburb of Newcastle, we've have been heading up the Sweet Traditions store since August 2014.

Owning a lolly shop wasn’t even on our radar just a few short months before eldest son Brandt, a regular Sweet Traditions customer discovered the business was for sale. We suddenly found ourselves on quite the sweet adventure. The first few months were rather hectic with so much happening and so much to learn. We didn’t know a Twinkie from a Peanut Butter Cup and had no clue what Candy Corn was not to mention what flying saucers, Camel Balls or a Yorkies bar were. And we had no idea of the popularity of Bean Boozled, Hula Hoops and Monster Munch UK crisps were.

But we’ve had a blast finding out.

We are dedicated to bringing in the BEST range of international drinks, groceries, snacks and lollies. We may be a small premises but we are jam packed with all sorts of delicious treats. If you're in Newcastle we hope you will stop by and say hello.

~The Archer family + Sweet Traditions Staff