We love a good party around here at Sweet Traditions and we can work with you to create an awesome LOLLY BUFFET for your next event or party. We don't have a FLAT RATE when it comes to our Lolly Buffets as each of you will have different needs..

We can however, offer a few different options for you to consider, including:

  • BULK lolly order. We can provide you with bulk lollies in the colour scheme of your choice and in bulk amounts. We do need a few weeks notice as we don't always have bulk lollies on hand and they usually need to be ordered from our wholesalers.
  • DIY Candy Buffet. If you want to be hands on with your buffet, we can provide you with your bulk lollies plus you can hire lolly jars and scoops from us instore. You can then organise your labels, props, settings etc - saving you money by going DIY!
  • FULL KIT AND KABOODLE - we would love to work with you and provide a fully customised LOLLY BUFFET service for you including bulk lollies, jar/scoops hire, props, labels, signage and full set up and clear away. Email us to start chatting about how this may work for you for your wedding or party event. We would love to work with you!

To start a discussion about your lolly buffet, email Kim.